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masterSome tweaksJuan J. Martinez8 days
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8 daysSome tweaksHEADmasterJuan J. Martinez
2022-09-06For some reason, this is needed in my XFCEJuan J. Martinez
2022-09-04Use the built-in themeJuan J. Martinez
2022-08-12It causes more problems than anythingJuan J. Martinez
2022-08-10Doesn't work as I was expectingJuan J. Martinez
2022-08-10Some extra commands I may run oftenJuan J. Martinez
2022-08-09Had the opposite effectJuan J. Martinez
2022-08-09Back to gruvbox :(Juan J. Martinez
2022-08-04Enable indentJuan J. Martinez
2022-08-04Add border to errors as wellJuan J. Martinez