beeper-int-zxBeeper engine for the ZX Spectrum 48K Juan J. Martinez2 months
cross-compile-hs-wineCross-compile Haskell on Linux targeting Windows using WINE Juan J. Martinez13 months
dotnvimMy neovim & dot files Juan J. Martinez11 days
gold-mine-runA arcade platformer for DOS (386 or better) Juan J. Martinez4 months
js-canvas-2023My JS canvas 2D engine updated to 2023 Juan J. Martinez2 months
kitsunes-curseOpen source release of Kitsune's Curse for the Amstrad CPC Juan J. Martinez4 months
micro-langMicro is a toy programming language implemented in Go Juan J. Martinez19 months
micro-lang-hsMicro is a toy programming language implemented in Haskell Juan J. Martinez2 months
retrogamedev-irc-webWebsite for the #retrogamedev IRC channel Juan J. Martinez8 weeks
return-of-traxtor-cpcOpen source release of The Return of Traxtor for the Amstrad CPC Juan J. Martinez7 weeks
sinclair-basicCross-compilation of Sinclair BASIC to tapes Juan J. Martinez7 months
space-plat-hsA gamedev experiment (2D platform game) Juan J. Martinez4 months
spacebeansA Gemini server written in Scala Juan J. Martinez5 weeks
storage-chaosA Sokoban clone in Lua + Love 2D Juan J. Martinez8 weeks
tomato-hsTomato, yet another Pomodoro tool (Haskell) Juan J. Martinez14 months
tr8vmTR8 is an 8-bit fantasy console inspired by MIPS, Z80 and 6502 real world CPUs. Juan J. Martinez7 months
uboxlib-dosThis is a simple library to make DOS games with DJGPP Juan J. Martinez2 months
z80countA tool to annotate Z80 assembler with cycle counts Juan J. Martinez2 months