Gold Mine Run!

This is an arcade platformer for DOS.


Running the game:

  • MS/DOS or compatible
  • A DOS Protected Mode Interface, e.g. CWSDPMI
  • 386DX 33MHz (or better) with VGA
  • At least 4MB of RAM
  • Sound Blaster (or no sound)

The game can be controlled by keyboard or joystick.

Key Joystick Action
Cursor left Joystick left Move left
Cursor right Joystick right Move Right
Z Button 1 Jump
P - Pause / resume game
ESC - Abandon / exit the game

Check -h CLI flag for options.


  • GNU Make
  • DJGPP C (using GCC 12.1.0; other may work)
  • libmikmod
  • tools: Python 3 and PIL (or Pillow) library

For DJGPP I recommend cross-compilation using build-djgpp.

Set LIBMIKMOD_BASE env variable to your libmikmod sources with the DOS library compiled and ready to use.

You can build the game with make and run it in DOSBOX with make run.


This was made by Juan J. Martinez.

Because the assets are licensed CC-BY-SA-NC, you are not allowed to use them in a commercial project. In case you wanted to sell copies of Gold Mine Run!, you would have to replace all the graphics, music, sound effects and level data.

If you include a substantial part of this project in your own work, you should include a copy of the LICENSE file in your source code and clarify which files are covered by it.

Homepage: Gold Mine Run!