🍅 Tomato, yet another Pomodoro tool


Because I'm learning Haskell and this seemed a simple little tool to write in a couple of hours.


Using cabal:

git clone https://git.usebox.net/tomato-hs
cd tomato-hs
cabal install tomato

How to use it

You can always read the CLI help with tomato -h, but basically:

  • tomato start starts a 45 minutes Pomodoro (default, use -t to specify a different number).
  • tomato or tomato show shows the time left in current Pomodoro (if any).
  • tomato stop stops current Pomodoro (if any).

The state is saved on your XDG_CACHE_HOME directory (usually $HOME/.cache). If the tool has issues finding the directory, you can use -s option to specify a location.

Using it from tmux

You can add tomato to tmux with:

set -g status-interval 1
set -g status-right "#(tomato)"